Sunday, December 7, 2014

Birthday hike to Sykes Hot Springs

“Out yonder they may curse, revile, and torture one another, defile all the human instincts, make a shambles of creation (if it were in their power), but here, no, here, it is unthinkable, here there is abiding peace, the peace of God, and the serene security created by a handful of good neighbors living at one with the creature world.” 
― Henry MillerBig Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch

It's become a birthday tradition to do a day hike to Sykes Hot Springs and back.  Walking through the valley of the Ventana Wilderness one connects to the abiding peace described by Henry Miller.  Feeling blessed to share this experience.

Early Morning Light.  We started at 4:30 am., guided by the full moon that illuminated the valley.

Ventana Wilderness.

Sykes Hot Springs-  We soaked an napped for an hour before returning.

Gordy gazing upon the Big Sur River

Link to Garmin Adventures-  Map, elevation profile, and Pictures.