Sunday, December 7, 2014

100 Mile Races Finished

Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, 6/23/2012
Finally got into the Big Dance.  Rain for the first 40 miles and beautiful weather for the last 60. Finished 22:13:24

Tahoe Rim Trail, 7/16/2011 
The snow year!  Snow still covered portions of the course, came into the race well rested and remained patient throughout.  
Finished 21:54:14

Rio Del Lago, 9/11/2010
Quick and relatively flat course.  Fastest 100 mile time to date, 17:21:58

Cascade Crest, 9/29/2009
A day when everything clicked.  Great day on beautiful Washington trails.
Finished, 21:08:20

Tahoe Rim Trail, 7/18/2009
First time running the TRT 100.  Bonked pretty hard for the last 25 mi., happy to slide in under 24 hours though.
Finished, 23:17:00

Cascade Crest, 7/23/2008
You never forget your first time!  Finished my first 100 and felt pretty good about the effort.
Finished, 24:17:47