Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 5 Marathon Monk Challenge

(Wilder Beach)

8 Mile Run

Course: Wilder State Park (Sunrise)-->Natural Bridges-->West Cliff Drive

Feeling: In union!

1.5 hr Vinyassa level 1-2 Yoga

Feeling: Still in union!

One of the most awe inspiring sunrises yet! Blood orange skies with purple clouds that changed to dark blue in the east! I watched the sunrise from Old Cove Landing trail at the Overlook of Wilder Beach. Amazingly, as soon as the sun rose all of the birds on Wilder Cove took flight and encircled the cove with the sun reflecting off of their wings. After waiting for and then greeting the sunrise, I continued back home through Natural Bridges State Park, and then to West Cliff Drive following the Sun as it rose higher and higher in the sky.

After the run I showered, had a quick bite to eat and then out the door to Yoga. Again, a very nice class with Robert and friends offering peaceful vibrations through their live music. The majesty of the run carried over to the Yoga practice where I was feeling especially limber, and able to push the envelope a little:)

Today was a life affirming day! It made me realize that the Marathon Monk schedule that I'm adopting can lead to greater happiness not only in my runs, but also in life. The magic of the earth is shown every morning with the sun rise! Hopefully if I'm present, the brilliance may shine through me.