Sunday, May 1, 2016

GoDogz, A Photo Summary

When all things become a mirror.  A reflection of who we are, what we find important, and how we choose to spend our time becomes the same, a reflection of our truth. 

 Six years ago, Heidi and I created GoDogz a dog walking and running business based around our love of being out with our dog Gordy.  Since then business has expanded, Gordy has a brother (Gomukha), yet the core of our business is having fun adventures with dogs!  Below is a photo tour of a GoDogz trip to BigSur.

 Gomu View

 Gordy, 10 years old and loving his GoDogz adventures more than ever!

 Tearing down the trail!

 Post run hydration

For more pictures visit my picasa album or facebook.